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If you happen to ride an AC Trans TVW 421 plying the route along EDSA be careful because the conductor and the driver are both rude.

I was dropped down at the far end of Paramount where there is no way out going to the passenger bay. I told the driver if he could please move towards the opening of the gate, he said I should check because there is an opening. I told him twice there is none because this was always my stop, he refused to budge. I went down begrudgingly and complained to the conductor. He however told me to exercise, sneering while saying so.

I gave that man the dirty finger. They do not have the right to insult their passengers who are the ones giving them their measly salaries. For one thing, the bus driver moved the freaking AC Trans bus anyway to get passengers who were waiting near the entrance. I paid for my fare already so I do not deserve the ill mannered treatment.

Operator Alberto Carating should terminate those uncouth men and make sure that the others under his management will not be as mean as those ugly men were. The Paramount passage is not passenger friendly, one can be easily side swiped because of the very narrow pavement between the fence and the road where the buses turn so a little consideration on the part of the pedestrian being dropped off should be given.