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Employee vs Enterpreneur

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Vmobile
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For some time now, I have received in my inbox several “noteworthy” changes. Noteworthy to those who give a crap that someone is getting an award and another exec got promoted. Anyhow, ¬†my company has for the longest time announced the promotion or hiring of VP so and so as the head of new accounts or imaginary businesses.

The funny thing is, despite the seeming celebratory mood the one at the lower part of the corporate ladder feel saddened and saddled by this bit of news. With new heads, new things will be put into place meaning new policies, additional work to those under them. They would tighten the already very, very tight budget belt and squeeze the living daylights off the people at the bottom rung.

Suffice it to say, regardless if I work my butt off I will not be part of the millions of profit sharing that the VPs and other execs enjoy at the end of the year. Despite the too often townhall meet, nothing will change. The question of whether we will at least get any salary increase will either be ignored or not raised at all since it connotes negativity when the atmosphere is supposedly happy and positive. After all the more saved, the better to fatten their wallets.

Then it occurred to me to dabble anew in business. This time more aggressively. I always wanted to put up my own arts slash craft store, but that would need a lot of money. Money which I do not have at the moment so when a former colleague posted something on Facebook I took that chance and got myself my own kit. It is just P3988 but it holds a lot of promise. For one thing, I do not need to put up anything like tables, stall or whatever.

Nearly a decade ago, I thought that putting up a computer shop would rake in money. For a year, I manned one in the heart of Manila but instead of raking in money, it turned out to be a dismal move. The supposed money maker drained out all the resources. Now, with VMobile I can do my business anytime, anywhere. There is no shop to be manned no underlings to monitor. Just you and your willingness to share the business with others.

I may not have been gifted with a glib  tongue nor am I friendly, but I believe in the product and I know that there are million others who would benefit just by having it. For now I am earning just enough to know that if and when I get into this full time, the promises of P24,000 per month is more than beyond reach, I can even surpass that amount.