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In the belly bottom of Trinoma, there once was a dainty pastry shop we discovered by chance. Although we were kind of hesitant to eat there because there were more tables and chairs than people, we shrugged off the doubt and went on to order. It turned out that this rather unassuming pastry shop called Parvati would have the best array of cheesecakes and cookies ever baked. My favorite was the Salted Caramel because it was not too sweet and the cream cheese melted in the mouth, it was just silky and smooth.

I brought so many of my friends there because the ambiance was great and the food always fabulous. I also bought my fiends cookies and tiny cakes so they can sample the succulent finds I often talk about when desserts get mentioned. I feel sad that it had to close. My last visit there, only a handful of baked goodies were to be had. Gone were my usual oatmeal cookies treat, pastas and sandwiches. Coffee was no longer served. You just get it yourself near a table with a coffee brewer, sugar and styro cups were displayed. It was at that time I know Parvati can’t go any further and when I changed zip code, I guessed it also made its last hurrah.


I love to read but I am more drawn towards mystery novels than anything else. While perusing through old paperbacks in Trinoma, I chanced upon these novels by Anne Perry. I bought two books, The Twisted Root and Funeral in Blue. The main protagonist was this supposedly brilliant private investigator named William Monk. He lived in London during the Victorian era and has a wife named Hester. If the long and winding history of his life would be believed, Monk was a strict police investigator feared by junior policemen. He had no patience for idiocy, emotions and incompetence. That bit intrigued me.

anne perry


Unfortunately, Anne Perry’s writing was not a page turner and William Monk’s supposed brilliance may just be his own imagination. In these books I bought there was no instance wherein he solved a mystery. The murders solved by themselves, rather they unraveled at the end of the novels that I felt Anne was compelled to just end the stories.

In The Twisted Root, it was Oliver Rathbone and his wife Hester who got through the bottom of why the widow Mrs. Gardiner preferred to hang than talk. In Funeral in Blue, it was Hester again who asked around where her sister-in-law was. Truth be told, Monk should have been the nurse and Hester the investigator. Monk did little deducing and investigating. He was not brilliant at all. In fact he was far from being intelligent, he does show however a short fuse and love for fashion. Those came across in both books very clearly.

Anne had a tendency of going over and over the history of her protagonists. Hester of her Crimea experience and Monk of his past experiences as an ill-mannered officer of the law. The author also  failed to make her protagonists engaging even when the Monks talk about their feelings for each other. There was some kind of in your face “we are in love and cannot live without each other” thing going but I do not see why these two are madly in love with each other. The same goes for Callandra and Dr. Beck. There seems to be a private joke between the writer and her characters that leave the reader, or maybe just me, out of the loop.

As a reader I wished I can empathize with the characters. I want to be angry, be confused, frustrated, be loved and scorned with them but I wasn’t. I flipped the pages as the characters begin their labyrinthine, tiresome recount of their past lives because it was too repetitive. It makes you say “Okay I get it, she was in the Crimea. He was that good way back when. Geez enough already!” complete with the rolling of the eyes and arms up in surrender.

Well it was not as painful to read as Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight (I did not even finish that book), but I wont buy another Anne Perry William Monk anymore.


Twice this week, McDonald’s seemed to have an issue with their service. The deluge of people going to them for the lovable minions and some happy meals can resort to not so happy customers just because for one thing they do not have enough supplies of the toys and second, they do not put signs when a product is not available. (Mind you I did not even go there for the sake of the minions, I just want to have my meal, hot and fast.)

Take one fateful noon rush at the fourth level of Trinoma, I lined up to buy my mom a McChicken sandwich meal. It took forever for the girl cashier to attend to the one in front of me, an unacceptable 10 minutes when they did not even order bulk items. When it was my turn, I gave out my order to learn that the McChicken was not available. The nuggets, also not available. The only products available were burgers and McChicken Spicy. So much for waiting patiently in line for nothing. My mom does not eat beef and since we might be late for the movie, I just got her a big bag of popcorn.

So well I thought that was just one time, until yesterday when I tried to get me some cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s, yes in Trinoma again but this time it was the one located on the ground floor. I was the first one there. I got the feeling the store was still closed for business, first of there was no cashier. Only counters without anyone manning them. When a girl finally looked up, she just told me that there was nothing available yet. This was at 10AM. No items were available. The manager was busy doing something else. I asked how come when they were supposed to have patties dropped in the fryer already; noodles weighed and placed in the spaghetti styro; chicken breaded and so forth. I was informed I had to wait for 10 minutes, WTF right? (Notice 10 minutes seemed to be part of their standard waiting time) A long line soon formed behind me and like me, felt cheated when they were told nothing was available. No minion toys, no sundaes, no Sprite…

There were no apologies made, no excuses given, no manager to assure customers. What is wrong with McDonald’s? Well, service and after service. Deliveries were no different. When you do not get your orders delivered on time, they do not offer anything. No penalty. No GCs. To think you pay P40 for delivery charges. I will stay away from McDonald’s for now.  I may be just one customer and my staying away will not even create a dent to their millions of earnings, still I hope to raise a point. I may love McDonald’s sundaes and fries but I wont pay or even support their products just so they can ruin the moment for me through lousy service.

A delayed cheeseburger meal

Why I patronize Starbucks...

I got this free Mocha Cookie Crumble frap yesterday at Starbucks in Trinoma just by presenting to them a receipt that entitles me to a free tall beverage. It really is not just for this freebie but because the staff wherever you buy a beverage remain friendly and accommodating. So thanks Starbucks, I enjoyed the drink immensely. Until my next wet cappuccino. 🙂

An Oatmeal cookie treat

If you find yourself in Trinoma one of these days, try to drop by a quaint bakeshop called Parvati located at the lower lobby. This box of wonderfully gooey baked delights is truly a treat to have. It costs P135, a cheap price to pay for an exquisite find. Go on have a bite!

I have always found Ayala’s green projects admirable. First they had the bin where you can dispose your plastic bags in. All over the parking area and public transportation terminal in Trinoma, Ayala management have put up lamp posts powered by solar panels. Mother Earth would have been very proud.

New year’s resolutions do not work for me at all. My procrastinating nature makes certain that nothing gets done. So my way around it is to have this checklist. At least I can just put there Done, Doing or Not Done (TBD).

2011 was filled with vacations here and abroad, losses and wins. I am hoping that by doing my checklist a couple of days before the end of the year, I can have a head start…

  • Laugh more – regardless if my life is so filled with stress, necessary and otherwise, I promise to laugh more. Find reasons to laugh and make those around me laugh.
  • Clean up FB list – if they have been idle for a long time or do not take time to reply to my comments/questions better to get rid of them. No use holding on to people’s names when they do not want to be part of my life. That is why it is tagged friends’ list because they are supposed to be friends or try to be friends.
  • Flat abs – when I was in college I managed to lose weight, during my stint in OBMCI I used Arsi’s breathe thin tape and shed off 30 lbs, but I never had a flat abs. For some reason regardless on how thin I get, my abs remain flabby. Since I plan to shed off weight anew, my main focus aside from my ginormous arms is my abs.
  • Fiercer invites for my business – time to do some major brainstorming since one would rather be incommunicado than focus on the business. Two need some boost up. Basically if I want this to work I need to think of a way to make it work even if there will be only a few who would do the actual leg work. This is a rather challenging task but in the end if I manage to iron out the kinks, everyone will be a winner with heaps and heaps of passive income.
  • Get at least one new outfit a month – this must be worked in the budget regardless if I have already stretched out the measly income I get per pay day. Scraping a few pesos to have something to look forward to at the end of the month is something I would consider as an accomplishment.
  • Write more – I have a gazillion topics in my head but once in front of the computer I get a writer’s block and no longer know how to proceed. I will make it a point to grab a pen and write down my thoughts. That way I will not lose sight of what I want to say.
  • Read more – none of the inspirational stuffs, my leanings are still towards the detective, suspense genre. But if I get wind of a cannot be put down, must finish til the end book series of sorts, I will buy my own copies if not borrow someone else’s copy. I’d steer away from the romantic stuff because for some reason it does not satiate my grey matter.
  • Experiment more recipe – despite my limited cooking space and my sparse (I only have one frying pan) cooking wares, I can still whip up really nice meals. I have already done chow fan ala java, done buttered veggies, done adobo both Chinese and regular ones, done tuna pesto and even gourmet sandwiches. Time to use more ingredients and conquer more meat. I hope to do the pistachio baked salmon recipe I saw on Yahoo.
  • Do what I can for Mother Earth – I saw the recycling box again in Trinoma for plastic bags, I have managed to collect quite  few which I hope to deposit in that bin/box.  We have felt her wrath once more when typhoon Washi hit the country so even if I am just one, I’d try to do my own advocacy in cleaning up Mother Earth one plastic bag at a time.
  • Learn a new word or a skill – my brain cells need some major booting up thus I must put it to good use. I really have to conquer my love-hate relationship with numbers so I wont zone out each time any formulas are being discussed. Since when it is money matters I get to concentrate, I should think all numbers I encounter is about money. 🙂
  • Have a day just to kick back and relax – when I mean this, it means that I get a chance to bum around the house and enjoying my time sleeping, eating, watching the tele or surfing.
  • Enjoy a time with the family – now this is hard as someone is always hot headed but doable altogether.
  • Try to do something out of the norm – I do not like change but maybe it is time to be adventurous from time to time. Any suggestions to make this happen are welcome.

This list of course will get longer as the days progress but all in all, this is what I set out to do in 2012. Nothing fancy, nothing far fetched just something more out of me and my ordinary life…