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It can easily have been one of the worst day of my life but then again why make a mountain out of a molehill when I can turn things around and make it better?

So okay, this is the longest time we ever had without the elusive salary in sight. I kept checking my online account yet even after staying awake way past 2PM (I am one of the vamps who work the graveyard shift but the pay does not commensurate the paradigm shift in my otherwise normal life) but the added digits were nowhere to be found. I slept well and woke up with a mission – find loose change in pants’ or bag pockets so I can have enough to pay for my fare. When I found not a single dime, I “borrowed” from the house funds I saved up and while I was about to put it in my wallet, I found a P100 bill. My lil bro surprised me with that blue violet inked paper. Sweet!

I came to the office late because I did not manage to get a seat in the van about to leave the terminal. But the good thing is, despite running late I was comfortably sitting in front with the cool air blasting from the van air conditioner directed at me while my office mate stepped on a dog poo. She had to endure the smell while riding a jeep on her way to the office then face more embarrassment as she was almost not allowed to get in the office premises and was asked to clean after herself when she made a mess in the ladies room making her later than me. 😛

Here at home after putting down the groceries, I cut my thumb. This happened while I tried to force open the fruit cocktail can. The cut seemed deep because it was profusely bleeding. I had to run tap water on the cut while trying to cook pesto tuna and making fruit salad. Both the meal and the dessert were made with no blood spilled in them. My brother ate his share with a lot of gusto thus making the one hand cooked and prepared meal a success.

During that late lunch, I was informed thru FB chat that my article will get printed and that the editor of the online magazine wants to meet up. Added to this, I managed to earn P40  after I registered a technouser under another technouser. So I am looking forward to the thousands I am bound to earn once she starts her loading business. (giddy with excitement)

So yes, this could have turned out to be the worst day but for some reason I am smiling and enjoying my Saturday off. ♫♪I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night♪♫


Who would have thought that an access card that costs a measly P250 can turn into a megamillion peso opportunity?

Last Saturday I had a chance to attend Ingo Hansen’s BOM. Mind you I am not easily convinced but I needed to know how to run my business properly and he has the key to letting me know the ins and out. I never thought it possible but for someone a peso is just a peso but when I ask a peso from 1 million people, that measly peso will become 1 million bucks.

Intrigued somewhat I listened further and found myself nodding. The Philippines is not a texting capital for nothing, the people had made the telcos very rich because the telcos capitalized on the current top need of the Filipinos. So Ingo said why not earn from this need and tap those who like to play games online and send text messages nonstop? He does not mean just selling loads to these people but equip them with the power to make money out of the prepaid load they often use.

Below is just a preview of how you can share the power of technology while earning:

Impossible? No, it is not. A Filipino can use up to an average of P300 a month and that is just a modest estimate, if you can sell that to 10 persons imagine how much you can make in a month if you have other people under you selling loads?




Intrigued? Then PM me for details, I would love to share this business with you.

Thank goodness for youtube, now even when my leaders are not working their ass off in making the business I have shared with them work, I know I can still make things happen.

I know that some people may see this as “networking” but Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites are also the same. Why not make them into a moneymaking business? So you gain friends and at the same time make money. Who says it has to be hard work to earn your first millions? Only the pessimists and naysayers would delegate this as just that…For me, it is my chance to be financially free. 😀

For those who have people under them, you may know how hard it is to please just about everybody. We are faced with whiners whose main goal in life is just to whine about everything and anything. They feel like they are constantly the aggrieved party without thought of anyone else. We are faced with freeloaders who are only there during good times but when a need for them arise they vanish. We have the divas, the pain in the butts, the non-performers, the slackers, the woe is me mingling with the performers, quiet workers and leaders. As head of the team you got to make this diverse group function as a team. Tapping on to your reserve of never ending patience and understanding can easily zap away your strength. This is one way of being burnt out. No one is a saint and there is such a thing as too much.

So what to do? I am not going to say I know how to manage a team hands down. My technique is far from perfect, it actually needs a lot of work. I need a lot of work. My team sometimes do not act like a team. One of them would not be mentally present when we have a meeting, others have more of their extra curricular activities in mind rather than help out the team. There are some who just report in for work and just do what needs to be done, other than that there is little effort to be a team player. It is hard to juggle them all and mold them in one type of persona. The goal is to know who to tap and how to tap them so in a way there will be some sort of synergy.

What are expected from you? Got this from our evaluation to check whether we know what we are supposed to do.

1. Manage your team performance where you promotes and encourages the optimum performance of team members.

o Sets team goals and strategies based on cascaded or given department goals and strategies – I make it a point to decipher each of my agents because you cannot just set team goals without knowing where each one is weak at. Like say Kram has good communication skills but process wise he gets confused. I have another agent who has poor communication skills but easily grasps the process, I would then buddy them up and then set their targets.

o Monitors and evaluates performance consistently – this of course does not rest solely on my shoulders. But when there are coaching opportunities I make sure I keep them informed. Sometimes the tiniest details are neglected and making them aware through constant reminders does help. Of course, there may be times when the retention is limited to just a couple of days, that takes more work and a very long one on one because I need to know where the problem really lies.

o Makes improvements in the monitoring and evaluation tools or systems to effectively evaluate and track performance – in our team, we have open communication. We test how best we can monitor each other’s progress, nothing is foolproof so if we need to start from scratch just to improve our stats and our behavior then that is what we do.

o Conducts effective coaching sessions, focusing on staff, and supervisory competencies – I have my moods, they have their moods. Sometimes I try to collect myself first before facing someone who has erred. It is hard not to take things on a personal level especially if you interact with them 8 hours a day, 5 times a week. Egos should be put in check and I try my best not to be historical in terms of how I coach them, bad blood ensues when the past is brought up to life even when it has nothing to do with the recent concern. Different persona different coaching approach.

2. Create a cooperative and productive work environment that is conducive to learning and encourages positive interaction

o Knows and observes personal as well as professional boundaries of relationship with team members and with people outside of the team – interpersonal relationships in the office especially one of subordinate and superiors are taboo in our company although this does not mean it does not exist. So I thread on this with care, I make sure that my interactions are not perceived as anything but professional. I also make it a point that no one feels I am favoring someone over another. To act like a team each one should feel like a part of the team so personal issues get ironed out before it escalates further.

o Responds appropriately to a given situation, whether positive or negative, carefully choosing the words or behavior that may build or harm the relationship – this may be the hardest thing as words are open for misinterpretation no matter how hard you try to explain. Good thing, thru experience I have managed to pick up some basic know how on giving coachings and feedback. We had our training before on iCoach which I still try to use but I added on something else when I pull out my agents. We have our one on ones which tackles the issue (whether their evaluation, an error or coaching opportunities) then moves on the personal matters. This makes the coaching session more in depth and better because we get to know more about each other and learn from each other.

o Responds to feedback appropriately – capitalizing on the positive feedback and taking action on the feedback for improvement. I think this is self explanatory. 😀

Again there are no right or wrong way here, to each his own but in order for some of it to work, you have to learn how to give as well and meet them half way. Implementing an iron hand at work can only do so much for you, sooner rather than later.

I have always found Ayala’s green projects admirable. First they had the bin where you can dispose your plastic bags in. All over the parking area and public transportation terminal in Trinoma, Ayala management have put up lamp posts powered by solar panels. Mother Earth would have been very proud.

Last night I attended our second course training and I feel exhilarated. You may say it is nothing new. Nothing to feel excited about. He was not even that funny but John Ray was a good speaker and he has earned 4.8M already.

His secret? It is not his good looks. Not his glib tongue. Not his diploma. The man is not good looking but he wakes up and tells himself what a handsome fellow he is. He is as normal as you can get, no fancy talk, just like talking to a bud. He is an undergrad and worked for seven years as a blue collar employee – Andok’s server, a Robinson’s Galleria rotisserie attendant, a Kenny Roger’s crew then a sales clerk in SM Megamall. Yet today he is a young millionaire and he did it in two years.

How? Through the ABCs of the Millionaires’ Club.

Attitude. It is all up to you how you will face something or someone. Like do you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face or do you drag yourself off your bed and be in a constantly foul mood? When something is amiss do you allow that to ruin your day or do you turn that around and make something positive out of it. John Ray said that regardless how his day turns out he would often smile, greet anyone with a smile and be gracious even if his proposal merits an outright no. If for the longest time you do not have any prospects nor leaders, you can either just give up or attend the BOMs, keep at it, talk to strangers and learn the business some more. Only you can stop yourself from becoming a millionaire. You cannot expect the money to come pouring in when you have not exerted any effort. Sacrifice, talk to people, learn the ropes, be humble and remain persistent. Never give up.

Believe. Trust that you have in you to do this. Trust that God put you there because you are meant to be there. Never waiver in your faith that something good will come out of all the hard work. Never doubt because you will end up second guessing things which might result to negating all the hard work you do. No fear because you will not be able to explore all the possibilities. You have to get rid of all the fear and be in the right mind frame, defy your fear and you will see that by conquering it you can do no wrong. Remember fear and doubt stop people from making the choices they ought to make in life thus it prevents them from fully discovering what they can do.

Commitment.  Regardless of the number of rejections and even when things look bleak, you do not stop. You will see those No’s as merely a means to hone your presentation and communication skills. That each goal you set your eyes on is attainable. Also you become hungry for more knowledge and make yourself better in thwarting off negative remarks. You are not easily affected by criticisms nor of set backs. You make opportunities happen each time you meet someone anytime of any day. You undergo training and you do your own research to become better at presenting. You are relentless in your quest to share the business and equip your leaders with know how.

The ABCs of the millionaires’ club have been passed on from leader to leader. The idea is to mimic the right and do away with the wrong, to share the business with a lot of people and to remain God centered in all interactions. Once you have the ABCs down pat then you are ready to earn your own millions. I know I am the moment I signed in.

My brother kept complaining that the bread is often too big, so for New Year’s eve I got us one slice each of garlic bread from French Baker and put together this tuna pesto pasta.  Although not exactly a crowd favorite, in our case, my mom smelled the tuna when I was opening the can of Century Lite n’ Spicy Tuna early on that she immediately disliked our only meal for the night. The brother liked it tho and paired it off with red wine which has a story all to itself when the cork refused to be uncorked and the cork screw became unscrewed.