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I had the best year in 2013. I was able to experience being in between two countries with a full bladder and a very flat tire. I managed to have another agent  promoted. I lost respect for someone I thought should have known better. My brother and mother were both blessed with good job offers and are now basking in the glory of their hard work. I had my past two sems on a high and I finally decided to leave my comfort zone after having put that bit off for seven years. I managed to have two events tucked in my belt and I will forever treasure that experience, both the good and the bad. Had my first taste of Cosmo Bachelor Bash and got hit in the face with my favorite chocolate.

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2014, filled with high hopes that my future significant other will finally show up, a thriving career will finally happen and travel plans to other beautiful countries/places here in the country will come to fruition.

Cheers 2013, you have been so good to me. I cannot wait for the wonderful surprises 2014 will bring.



Pho Hoa: Never Again

Posted: December 26, 2013 in Food review
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This is my original piece. Any form of copying or plagiarizing is frowned upon. I have receipts to prove this claim, do you?

We had the unfortunate luck of eating in a supposed Vietnamese inspired restaurant after watching Kimmy Dora in Shangri-La. We were hoping for a very sumptuous meal due to the exorbitant price. But what we had was blah. My fried rice was below average, the meat that came with was bland and the shrunken “spring rolls” were too oily. My mom’s soup was dry like the desert. My brother was too hungry to complain. Overall, if ever you think Pho Hoa has a good menu, DON’T! Honestly, it should be phooey.

It is a highly priced badly cooked meals. I felt too sorry for myself that we had to find some way to wash away the awful meal we just had. I really think they ought to rethink how they prepare the food. I have been to Vietnam and I love the food we ordered there, even those just around the corner had delicious meals.

In their website they claim “We hold our standards high by using top-quality ingredients in our products to ensure quality, consistency and flavors.” Unfortunately, this claim did not translate well when served on a dish.

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Tattoos in my mind

Posted: December 8, 2013 in My World in 4D

For the Sunday gospel today, the priest Anthony Bautista shared a story about a clinic that offered tattoo removal. Those who opted to have their tattoos removed wanted to get a job, to clear their skin up of any “dumi“, to get rid of a childhood dare etc. The good father said for many of us, there are things that we wish we can get rid off too with a mere operation or something akin to that but it is just not possible.

The memories, experiences, choices, decisions etc that we had or did will remain a part of us no matter what we do. What we can just do is move on, learn from it, be better. There is no medicine or magic that would make some bad aspects of our lives vanish. There will always be someone, somewhere, sometime that would bring the past up.

I made that unfortunate choice some 7 years ago and those who found out just now from someone else would bring him up and ask what happened or why we did not remain friends. First two years were hard, painful and I wished the earth would swallow me whole. I reacted violently, angrily even with the mere mention of his name then all those anger evaporated to tolerance and apathy after a while. So I understand, it takes some getting used to again not being a couple for those who recently just broke up. You cannot just stop then forget. One of these days, the memory will be blurry and that person/memory/experience is finally pushed far back in the recesses of your mind. Just give it time. I promise no surgeries required. đŸ˜‰

I set the alarm to go at 3PM so I can finally get my lazy butt off to the cardiologist in Medicard. Thing was I was sleepier than I thought and so I woke up at 6:18. Judging from the heavy traffic on my way home, I would have to be that crazy to even attempt to go to Centris at night. Not only will I waste my time, Medicard Centris schedule is not even BPO employee friendly. 5-7PM is an unholy hour for people like us. Geez, I have been forever sleeping the hours am supposed to be in the freaking clinic.

Instead of brooding, I turned on the Christmas lights adorning my beautiful white Christmas tree, peed and went back to bed. After an hour of tossing and turning, I gave up and logged in FB hoping to feel sleepy. I got hungry instead and Jollibee hotline was either down or there is only one agent taking all the orders because I had to listen to their jingle for a good four full commercial breaks. Nothing. I just called Pizza Hut instead. I can take my business elsewhere Jollibee, yours is not the only fastfood in town. Phooey to you.

Supposed to have my assignments done but put it off to do the laundry. It is just kind of weird when you live alone and have so much laundry accumulate in a week’s time. Who wears that much clothes anyway? I sleep with just my undies and yet the pile of dirty clothes is unbelievably high. Groan.

So now that the laundry is done, I should not have any excuse not to finish my assignment. I need to have enough time to do my other subject because paper has been rejected due to erroneous thinking. I perhaps thought having big words can get me through the next step. Wrong! I should have know that my procrastination would derail me and cost me a month’s rest.

Sigh. Early morning was productive tho. Two meetings, one on one with the boss then was a rant absorber before I went home. Now I set the alarm again so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow morning. Lots to do, lots to think about. Have to rid this lethargy that has taken over me. Tsk.

December 1

Posted: December 1, 2013 in My World in 4D

There is nothing significant about this day but I felt like writing. So much has happened the past month that I think proved to be an eye opener for me and for many others.

I have started going to church again after a long time of not doing so. I tried to exercise again because I believe I have gotten too fat that it no longer is funny. I had two events tucked under my belt that I was lucky enough to be invited to. I got my nth company rejection. I had my ob gyne visit and now I have to get biopsy. Super typhoon Haiyan hit the country and the world lent a hand. Super typhoon Haiyan hit the country but failed to blow away idiots like Noynoy, Mar Roxas and Korina. School has started and I remain detached. My account finally had its anniversary party. I had a talk with my mom and the decision is made. There will be so many changes happening and in 44 days, am going to take that leap because it is time to do so regardless whether I have a ledge to leap unto or empty space.

December hopefully brings in a brighter tomorrow, better news and opportunities.